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Thousands of website visitors

The result of on- and offline marketing activities is having potential customers visit your website. Thousands of visitors who will browse your products or services. However, most of them come and go anonymously.

Personal contact, is that possible online?

How do they contact you? By email? Do they fill out a web form? Do you hope they will call you the next morning? With Live Chat you will be able to personally greet and assist all your potential customers. Just like you normally would.


Pro-active greeting

Thanks to intelligent software, you no longer have to wait until the consumer chooses to click the Chat-button. A pro-active invitation will pop up: “Can I help you?” With Live Chat, you will have twice as much response on your website. And more contacts means more business.

They (and we) greet their visitors with Live Chat




Consumers no longer want to be kept waiting: “I Want It Now” is the new normal. With Live Chat you adapt to your customer’s Web browsing behaviour. The challenge is to be "Live" when and where your prospective clients are.

When you have the day off, we'll take over.

When do you have to be "Live"? Your web analytics give you an insight in your customer's Web browsing behavior. You will notice that most online traffic occurs during the evening and weekend hours, after closing time. By outsourcing Live Chat to Web1on1, you will not miss any opportunity to help your customers.



Reach your customers everywhere

Apart from your own website, you can use Web1on1 Live Chat on Facebook, or in email- or banner campaigns. You could even use Web1on1 Live Chat on portals and by expanding your reach, you will not miss out.

How much does it cost?

Live Chat Service Flex

Recommended from 5.000 up to 50.000 visitors per month

 Service fee from €120,00 per month

Chats from €5 each



  • Available on a daily basis untin 23:00
  • Greeting your visitors pro-active
  • 250 extra opening hours per month
  • Realtime chat notification
  • Realtime Dashboard
  • Online knowledge system
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Options:
    • Choose your own online profile
    • Chat on specific parts of your website
    • Interactive profiles
    • Possibility to chat with visitors yourself

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Live Chat Service Enterprise

Recommended from 50.000 visitors onwards per month.

For prices, please contact Web1on1

Our enterprise customers require custom services, including:

  • CRM and Lead System integration
    Knowledge management and E-learning
    Business Intelligence

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