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A polite welcome

When people walk into your company, they will be welcomed politely. “How can I help you?” Why should this be different on a website? Thousands of visitors every month, coming and going anonymously. You will profit from engaging them.


Managed Live chat

Make sure your website visitors are able to make appointments online and ask questions without having to wait. This is possible with Web1on1’s Managed Live Chat Service.
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Makelaar over Live Chat

Already at two new contacts via chat, per month, – contacts which we would not have had otherwise – it is profitable for me. Live Chat definitely lowers barriers and makes it easy for customers to interact with us."

- Jacco Vogelaar
Real Estate Agent (Business Relation) 

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Live Chat postief beoordeeld

Why Live Chat?

With Live Chat on your website you will receive a  much greater response than you would via email and web forms. Consumers appreciate receiving an immediate response and being able to take care of things online. Adapting to changing consumer behavior and customer service expectations pays off!

Be online when your customer is

55% of all web-traffic takes place during evening and weekend hours, after closing time. This means you should be available during these hours. This is what Web1on1 does for you!
With the Web1on1 Live Chat Service you will be available 7 days a week, until 11 p.m. This will expand your opening times by up to 250 hours per month.
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They (and we) greet their visitors with Live Chat


web1on1 live chat operator

How can you talk to customers for my company?

Excellent question! Since 2009, Web1on1 has been working for hundreds of companies. Website visitors are extremely positive about our service, with more than 90% saying they are satisfied.

How does Live Chat profit your company?

Direct, personal contact leads to higher profits through higher customer satisfaction. Customers appreciate having the opportunity to ask questions directly, at a time that suits them. With Live Chat, you will receive more than twice the current response from your website. More conversations means more sales.

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